About Trey

About Trey

April 26th 2004 started out to be one of the most joyous days of our lives, but without warning became the most devastating. Our son Trey Arthur Green was born at 7:13 AM. Almost immediately we realized something was terribly wrong. Although he was a beautiful full term baby and appeared healthy on the outside, he simply could not take a full breath. One hour and 3 minutes later, he died.

Within a short period of time he was transported to Seattle Children’s where he was diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia. Here is where our journey took a different direction. Instead of bringing home a beautiful baby boy we were left to deal with the death of our first son.

The Trey Green Guild began several months after our son’s death, it became a way to honor our son and a healing process for our family. Within the last ten years, since the guild began, we have raised over $500,000 for uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s. We are approaching our 10th Anniversary and aspire to raise $100,000 at this year’s celebration. It has been amazing to see the support from our friends, family, and community making our guild so successful. The local stories that have been shared at our events give us a constant reminder of how important and significant Children’s is to our community.

Losing our son Trey was devastating but being able to honor his memory has been therapeutic and amazing. We thank you all for your generosity and continued support. We hope to see you at our upcoming event where we will celebrate our 10th year.

Thank you,

Art and Erin Green

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